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Online coaching sessions


Apiyoga offers you holistic coaching sessions that integrate different approaches from behavioral therapies based on exchanges and definition of objectives for deep and lasting change.

Duration of a session  : 1h30

Price: 80 Euros/session

To help you make your choice with confidence: 

a FREE 15-minute preliminary interview is offered to you.

Contact me :

Isabelle Lenhardt, email: or Mob. 06 07 13 16 45

or for more information go to my website :

Life Coaching and Yoga  

We also offer UNIQUE support that harmoniously integrates YOGA and COACHING through a work of verbal exchanges and definition of objectives and their physical translation through the construction and practice of personalized yoga sessions.


Business Coaching:

- Coaching/maintenance session,  1 session

- Pack of sessions to be defined with the client,  pack to be defined  



The fundamental links between yoga and life coaching

Yoga means in Sanskrit the union, the gathering, the aptitude, the harmony.

Through bodywork, Yoga aims for the harmony of the Being in its relationship to itself and to others . This results in the calming and the concentration of the spirit which allows us to live with our resources in an authentic way in the present moment without being invaded by the memories of the past and/or the fears of the future.

Coaching is a personal development approach that aims to achieve goals, improve thought patterns and acquire positive behaviors: Balance of life, calm, peace of mind and harmony in our relationships. are also an integral part of coaching.

The 2 practices share common points :

  • Work takes place in the Present Moment

  • The changes are deep and lasting

  • Physical and mental alignment and flexibility

  • Letting go and self-acceptance


We offer support that harmoniously integrates the 2 approaches through a work of verbal exchanges and definition of objectives and their physical translation through the construction and practice of personalized yoga sessions.

It is a true holistic approach that takes into account all dimensions of being, body, heart, mind and spirit.

Key points :

  • Solid and structured support, a flexible, adaptable and modular approach according to your needs and at your own pace

  • A global approach that takes into account the cognitive (thought patterns), emotional, physical, sensory and behavioral aspects of your person

  • Innovative and effective tools and methods

  • Sessions or interviews of 1h30 face to face, on the phone, by webcam by appointment at your choice in French or in English

  • A course based on concrete objectives focused on visible and realistic changes

  • A certified and experienced practitioner who trains and supervises the practice of other professionals



Examples of request types:

- Reconnect to yourself and your basic needs

- Take a step back from situations that oppress you

- Clarify and find meaning in a chaotic context

- Get out of isolation and recreate constructive social ties

- Cultivate and stimulate promising resources in difficult situations

- Appropriate effective techniques to deal with stress and anxiety

- Understand the language of emotions and know how to express them

- No longer suffer and become an actor in your life

- Get out of depression and regain self-confidence

- Resolving conflict situations with those around you or at work

- Act in accordance with your personal values and the existing constraints of the environment

- Evolve in your professional environment with realism and consistency

- Plan for an upcoming retirement and approach this change of life serenely

- Consider and implement a life project or a change of profession

- Manage and coach your team with dynamism and consistency

- Embody your leadership and federate a team around a project


For professional coaching, find us on :

Coaching & Yoga


Contact us by phone or SMS:  + 33 (0)6 07 13 16 45  -  By email  :

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