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Yoga & Meditation

Duration of lessons : 1h15

Yoga classes include a 15-minute meditation session


Online Yoga & Meditation

- Private lessons   


- Senior Courses +50 years old   


- Group lessons          

   15 people max

Face-to-face Yoga & Meditation (currently unavailable)

- Private lesson     

- Group lessons    

- Senior Courses      


"Yoga Chitta Vritti Nirodha"  

Patanjali's Yoga Sutra 1.2

"Yoga is the cessation of automatic thoughts, fluctuations and whirlwinds of the mind."

The Sanskrit word YOGA means " to unite ", "to connect ".

Through regular practice, a person can begin to balance and connect all aspects of their being (physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual) and thus have a full and harmonious life.

The search for harmony is to be found within oneself, but also with what surrounds us: our immediate environment, nature, the universe or something more Absolute. True "Art of living" and generator of well-being and better living, the practice of Yoga brings a strong inner balance, focused on calm, listening and presence to others.  

On the physical level : Flexibility and alignment of the body and joints, muscle strengthening, endurance, balance and physical vitality.

Better respiratory amplitude and body/mind coordination.

On the psychic level : the mind becomes calm, emotions calm down, anxiety and chronic fatigue disappear, courage and willpower develop on their own, as well as clarity of mind, concentration and 'intuition.


"To meditate means to put one's attention in a particular way, voluntarily, consciously in the present moment without any form of judgment."  Definition of John Zabbat Zin

It is a natural state that we all know when we are absorbed, for example in the contemplation of a beautiful landscape, a sunset or even immersed in reading an exciting book or even while cooking!

The mind naturally calms down, settles down, calms down then.

Central practice of Buddhism and Eastern religions, meditation is practiced more and more in the West in different areas:

Wellness and Psychotherapy  :

Meditation is widely used today to combat stress and depression.

Self-knowledge :

It is also a means of introspection and study of one's own mental processes: attention, thoughts, emotions.

Discipline and openness :

It also makes it possible to free oneself from one's vain desires and to exercise benevolence towards oneself and others, by learning to open one's attention to others.

Philosophy and Spirituality :

The practice of meditation can also lead to a new view of the world: "awakening" which corresponds to an intimate awareness of the impermanence of things and of oneself. This awakening is a deep inner liberation.

Neuroscience research has demonstrated the brain's ability to regenerate (neuroplasticity) and the innumerable benefits of a regular practice of meditation on neuronal functions, promoting the emergence of positive emotions and states such as joy. , calm, serenity and clarity of mind.

Come and discover its extraordinary benefits.

Yoga & meditation classes

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