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Méditation au bord de l'eau

APIYOGA offers personal and professional life support through various learnings and offers:

  • Video yoga and meditation classes

  • Coaching  personal and professional life

  • Well-being retreats , in a magnificent setting, by the sea on a protected site, in Spain.

  • Courses specifically designed for seniors  

Apiyoga also offers webinar workshops on personal and holistic development themes.  


There is no real goal to reach, it is a question of "walking the path".

In this spirit, we invite you to come and take a short walk with us in joy, relaxation, welcoming yourself and others.  

Apiyoga integrates 3 pillars of Well-Being : Yoga, Meditation and Deep Relaxation.

These 3 pillars support and reinforce the “Power of Attention and Intention” in our life in order to live in harmony with our deep nature. It is an exploration of the Self where all aspects of Well-Being are experienced during sessions that alternate the practice of Yoga, Meditation and Deep Relaxation.


APIYOGA is the result of both 30 years of experience in supporting people in companies as well as individuals and a regular practice of yoga and meditation on a personal basis.


Founder of "the Power of Attention and Intention"  APIyoga, Isabelle Lenhardt manages with her team a structure open to all which offers coaching , yoga and meditation classes and retreats mainly based in Europe.

During all these years of business practice as an external consultant, Isabelle has observed recurring problems at work related to changes in the place it holds in society: rise in individualism, loss of social ties, performance requirements. , job insecurity.

Gradually, his work turned towards occupational health issues: mental health, burnout, recovery from trauma.  To this end, she has followed specific training in Victimology and 'Trauma Recovery' in order to provide this additional skill, if necessary.  


She therefore decided to offer holistic support by drawing on her professional experience as well as her personal experience as a "Yogini", a researcher who aims to integrate yoga (in the broad sense of the term) into all aspects of her life. .

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We will take care of each of you.

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